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Apprentice and Technician of the Year Awards

The winners in each category were announced at the 2017 IET Achievement Awards Ceremony.


2017 Apprentice Award winner and finalists

Image of Magdalena Dyga  

Winner - Magdalena Dyga

Magdalena, a Manufacturing Laboratory Technologist, recently completed her BTEC in Engineering and a three year Specialist Science apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce Plc. She is currently studying a foundation degree in Materials Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. Whilst an apprentice, she was the single point of contact for the facilities automated welding process. As part of this role she wrote the statement of requirement for a new automated welder and solely bought off the machine validation at the supplier. Magdalena played a key role in identifying bottlenecks through the Outlet Guide Vane (OGV) method of manufacture. She led several projects including validating external sources for the Diffusion Bonding process, eliminating a single source of failure. She was also a key member of the team who achieved a 50% cycle time reduction in Electron Beam Welding (EBW), with annual savings of at least £160,000. This project then went on to win the Lean Award at the 2016 Executive Vice President Presentation evening. Magdalena is a keen STEM Ambassador and organises activity days at schools and colleges. She promotes engineering apprenticeships at open evenings and skills festivals, as well acting as a buddy to new apprentices.

Image of Andrew Heaton  

Finalist - Andrew Heaton EngTech TMIET

Andrew completed his NVQ Level 3 and HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in August 2017. He currently works within the Remediation Operating Unit at Sellafield Ltd, where his work contributes to the safe and secure decommissioning and clean-up of legacy nuclear facilities. A key project Andrew is working on is a high-hazard reduction task through the decommissioning of a legacy analytical laboratory. Andrew has also developed innovative solutions to enhance operations within the business, including investigating and demonstrating an alternative lighting technology. This has the potential to save the operating unit, and business, installation time and costs. He has also contributed to the design of a control system for a new robotic manipulator system that can reduce and remove the risk to human operators in high-hazard areas. Andrew assisted at the ‘Expedite’ LFE conference and has delivered presentations to in-house design teams on engineering subjects. Andrew is a STEM ambassador and has mentored students and a junior apprentice.

Image of Wesley Washington  

Finalist - Wesley Washington

Wesley is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering Apprentice at Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd, Cambridge (manufacturing Electron Microscopes). He is currently working in the Service Support Centre as a Repairs and Process Test Engineer. He has a Level 3 BTEC with double distinction* in Mechanical Engineering and is predicted to achieve a distinction in his Level 4 HNC Diploma. In 2015, the vast majority of electron-microscopy production was transferred from Germany to Cambridge, as part of an organisational restructure. Wesley was assigned the role of defining standard work instructions for the build process and organising the material kits for production tasks. As this involved hands-on work in the first pre-production assemblies, Wesley’s skills gained in his previous placement in Production came in particular use. Wesley became so involved in the project, he was able to provide support and training for new production staff and in doing so contributed to €2.5M annual cost savings. Wesley has mentored junior apprentices, attended information evenings for students and provided factory tours. As a student representative for Engineering at college, he has provided feedback and helped the college to enhance their Higher Education offering.


2017 Technician Award winner

Image of John Wheal  

John Wheal ICTTech TMIET

In 2013, John joined NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control, as an Industrial Placement Student. In 2016, he completed his MEng in Computer Engineering at the University of Portsmouth, graduating with a distinction. That year he joined NATS’ Engineering Graduate Scheme and played a key role in developing Springboard, a cloud-based air traffic control platform, taking it from a theoretical design into a working practical system. He worked with the supplier to develop and manage the process to support the cloud platform and to integrate it with the new VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system; used for both Ground-to-Air and Ground-to-Ground communications. He identified and solved performance and design issues when they occurred and took on a Service Operations role, co-ordinating and supporting a technical support team. Also, John prepared and delivered a presentation on Springboard to the Civil Aviation Authority about the safety assurance of cloud-based platforms. During this time he represented NATS at The Big Bang STEM Fair. In summer 2017, John moved into the NATS Technology Architecture department. Outside of work he runs his own web development company.

Read about John's achievement on the NATS website "NATS engineer wins prestigious technology award"


2017 Armed Forces Technician Award winner and finalists

Image of WO2 Ram Kurmar Rai RE  

Winner - Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) Ram Kumar Rai RE

WO2 Rai is a Clerk of Works (Construction) within the Royal Engineers. He is currently deployed as Deputy Facilities Manager based in Bahrain. In April 2015, after the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, WO2 Rai (then a Staff Sergeant) was deployed as the technical lead for 69 Gurkha Field Squadron on Op MARMAT, Humanitarian & Disaster Relief operation. WO2 Rai developed a shelter design, based on the materials supplied in aid packs, which could be rapidly erected using basic trade skills. Two weeks after the tour, he was called to oversee the technical aspects of Op MARMAT 2 as the principal Clerk of Works. Responsible for managing the contract, overseeing designs and quality management, WO2 Rai was pivotal to the Engineering Group’s design capability. He was also involved in the proof-of-concept for an earthquake resistant stone and reinforced concrete home design using local construction techniques such as stone soling for foundations and bamboo scaffolding for roof erection. After four houses were built, he incorporated the lessons learnt and handed over detailed reports which were successfully implemented on Op MARMAT 3 and 4.

Image of SSgt John Martindale RE

Finalist - Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) John Martindale RE

WO2 Martindale joined the Royal Engineers in 2001. In 2009, he was selected to attend the Clerk of Works (Construction) course and in 2015, he was posted to the 23 Parachute Engineer Regiment. In mid-2016, then a Staff Sergeant, he was tasked as one of two project managers to design and supervise construction of a 1.7 kilometre long natural surface runway at Woodbridge Airfield, Suffolk. WO2 Martindale carried out geotechnical testing to understand the physical characteristics of the soil. After significant amounts of experimentation, he developed an innovative solution. By blending Bentonite with the soil along the tarmac runway, he was able to reduce the ground strength. The natural surface runway was so good it allowed the aircraft trials teams to exceed their anticipated weight-loading schedule on each take-off and landing. By utilising novel techniques and reverting to basic engineering principles, WO2 Martindale not only produced a high quality product on time and to the required specification, he also came in under budget, making savings of 80% to the ATLAS programme.

Image of Cpl Phillip Matthews  

Finalist - Corporal (Cpl) Phillip Matthews

Cpl Matthews serves within the Capability, Integration and Exploitation (CAPIX) Sensors Team at the Joint Cyber Unit Corsham. He is responsible for the research, development, testing and integration of both current and future cyber security capabilities for the single services and joint communities within the Ministry of Defence and its partners. The vast amount of data which is required for modern aircraft platforms means they are susceptible to threats from malware, Trojans and viruses. Cpl Matthews was recently involved in putting together a system which protects aircraft systems against such malicious threats. Cpl Matthews built the system in less than 10 days using existing hardware and software to save costs. Recognising operational needs, Cpl Matthews ensured resilience was built into his design and he future-proofed the design to ensure other types of devices could easily be added. Within two days of delivering the solution, two malware threats were identified and stopped. Cpl Matthews’ exceptional design has also ensured that the aircraft platform has not suffered any further attacks. HQ Air has recognised the advantages of his solution and intend to roll out this system to all aircraft platforms in service.


2016 Apprentice Award winner and finalists

Image of Josh Barber

Winner - Josh Barber EngTech TMIET

Josh is an Apprentice Circuit Engineer within the Secondary Systems Power Grids Grid Integration sector at ABB Ltd. He has a HNC and BTEC Level 3 with double distinction* in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Josh helps ABB’s customers and suppliers to improve transmission and distribution networks across the UK by designing secondary systems otherwise known as protection and control systems. Josh made a major contribution to the Pen y Cymoedd wind energy project, where ABB is delivering a wind farm grid connection into National Grid’s transmission network on behalf of Vattenfall. He proposed a redesign for a supplies pillar marshalling kiosk layout to improve safety, efficiency and reduce installation errors, by providing a more intuitive link between the wiring board and the substation layout. This won approval from senior engineers, his supervisors and ABB’s customers. Josh's design has now been adopted for the kiosk as standard as it will save money by reducing installation and commissioning time.  Josh supports ABB’s Schools Support Programme, coordinates industry days and volunteers at events and career days, and has given presentations on ABB’s work to scholars, students, the local community and MPs.

Image of Marc Bartholomew

Finalist - Marc Bartholomew

Marc joined Leonardo's Apprenticeship scheme in Basildon after impressing interviewers with an electric guitar which he designed and built for his BTEC in Engineering. He has an HNC with distinction* in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is studying towards a BEng degree in Electronic Engineering. Marc is currently working as a Technical Apprentice in the Optronics department after placements in other departments. He has worked on a number of projects providing varied and valued support and has recently received an internal award for the oil rig surveys he performed in Malaysia. Marc has shared his passion for engineering by engaging with community events such as the Rampaging Chariots competition.

Image of Joe Carter

Finalist - Joe Carter

Joe is a third year Applications Apprentice at Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Cambridge. He has a Level 4 HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with distinction*. In September 2016, he started a BEng (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree. He has had placements in various departments and is currently in the Applications Department. Whilst placed in Research and Design, Joe worked virtually independently on a project to research, test and develop a specimen stage controller to replace the existing electronics used in the organisation’s scanning electron microscopes. He developed a prototype and wrote his own firmware for a real development project, which represented a cost saving of £100-£150k per annum. Joe has mentored other apprentices during his time at the organisation and participated in the 2014 recruitment process for new apprentices. He has also attended information evenings, a career day and provided factory tours for students. He was part of the Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH apprenticeship team at the Cranfield University National Apprenticeship Competition 2015.


2016 Technician Award winner and finalists

Image of Oziar Said  

Winner - Ozair Said EngTech TMIET

Ozair is an Engineering Technician within the Specialist Services Communications team at WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff. In 2015, he completed a BTEC in Building Services Engineering Technology and Project Management with distinction*, and he is currently undertaking a BEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Ozair is responsible for the design of telecommunication systems, including CCTV, Public Address and Customer Service Systems. He is leading the Telecommunications team’s effort in Building Information Modelling (BIM) by enabling the collaboration between key international technology suppliers and manufacturers to produce a custom Telecommunications Systems BIM library. As a WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff Launchpad Ambassador, he arranges work experience placements for students and provides mentoring. Ozair presents at various events in Supplementary Schools and Universities in partnership with AFBE-UK, a charity promoting engineering to students. He is also an office representative for RedR, assisting in organising fundraising activities and events.

Image of Sam Moloney

Finalist - Sam Moloney EngTech TMIET

Sam is a Systems Technician at Leonardo, where he started as a Technical Apprentice in 2010. He has achieved a HNC in Electronics Engineering and is currently studying towards a BSc (Honours) degree in Computing and IT. Sam is currently working within Land Systems on the Generic Vehicle Architecture project. Sam has been involved in the design, development and integration of new products, in conformance with Open Architecture Standards. He has been responsible for leading integration activities, liaising with various stakeholders within a multi-function engineering IPT to ensure that all expectations are achieved. Sam regularly represents the company at high profile exhibitions, demonstrating and explaining the system at a technical level. Sam is the site expert for Virtual BattleSpace 3 simulation tool which is used to demonstrate capacity of the project. Sam regularly uses these skills to train new apprentices and graduates providing them with an overview into Simulation.

Image of Andrew Nicholson

Finalist - Andrew Nicholson EngTech TMIET

Andrew is a Senior Technician at Arcadis Consulting Ltd. He started his career at Devonport Dockyard as a Mechanical Engineering Apprentice before joining South West Water as a Technician, where he gained experience in water and sewage treatment. He is engaged in a variety of water-related mechanical and civil projects. Andrew took the initiative to learn how to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques and, in the process, has changed the way Arcadis operates and collaborates with their clients. He is now passing his knowledge onto his peers and juniors. Andrew is responsible for the design and creation of a highly complex project, engaging with clients and suppliers alike to ensure that approximately 80 individual BIM models are fully integrated and coordinated in a common data environment. He has overcome technological difficulties of software incompatibly and produced detailed component models that were unavailable from the product suppliers as the project was at the forefront of technological progress.

Image of Sam O'Sullivan

Finalist - Sam O'Sullivan EngTech MICE

Sam is a Technician at Pell Frischmann Consultants, Wakefield. In May 2015, he completed a Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment with double distinction*, and in September 2015, he commenced a Level 4 HNC. Sam completes technical and non-technical drawings using a range of software; he carries out site inspections, surveys works of various types of infrastructure and holds numerous competencies. Sam’s remit for working on the Rainford Junction Bridge Project was to review previous archive information and then complete an inspection for assessment. He also completed a traffic assessment and record deflection data. He carried out site surveys using the 3D laser scan and traditional techniques, and wrote method statements, taking into account control measures and identifying all potential site hazards. He has mentored a summer internship undergraduate and has organised a bridge building exercise at a local primary school to promote engineering.


2016 Armed Forces Technician Award winner and finalists     

Image of SSgt Nicholas D Stratham RE  

Winner - Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Nicholas Statham TMIET RE

SSgt Statham is a Clerk of Works in the Corps of Royal Engineers. He was deployed to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus to project manage and provide design authority supporting the construction of a mission-critical airport bulk fuel storage facility. He was then tasked with the reconnaissance of the fuels infrastructure at RAF Brize Norton to provide a contingency solution using deployed fuels equipment whilst critical maintenance was conducted on the permanent fuel installations. He provided design authority support for the construction, commissioning and handover for both sites. These projects required him to make complex technical decisions whilst ensuring stakeholders’ needs were met. He thoroughly investigated and researched engineering solutions and efficiently approved them in accordance with design authority’s requirements. During construction, a facility adjacent was identified as having non-compliant electrical components which would fall within a potential hazardous area of the site. SSgt Statham provided a solution utilising engineering material available to mitigate the hazard. He then communicated the changes and rationale behind the amendment to the construction force, operators and managers.

Image of Cpl Andrew Grittins

Finalist - Corporal (Cpl) Andrew Gittins

Cpl Gittins serves within the Innovation and Capability Exploitation (I&CE) Flight at 90 Signals Unit, Royal Air Force. He is responsible for the testing and development of existing and future capabilities and exploiting them to meet the Air Force’s growing requirement for richer information services. During the planning for an air-led operation, an opportunity was identified to use the internet as an alternative means of getting the MOD’s secure deployable network  and its traffic back to the UK. Cpl Gittins researched innovative technologies that could be used with the current network hardware. Cpl Gittins’ technical solution has improved the services provided to the deployed users, whilst maintaining the high level of protection required on MOD networks. It has also paved the way for further size, weight and power efficiencies that are critical when air transport space is tight. He has volunteered to assist with a project to establish a cyber security tiger team. He mentors junior ranks on innovative engineering solutions to difficult ICT methods and has briefed senior ranks as well. 

Image of SSgt Kurt Knight RE

Finalist - Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Kurt Knight RE

SSgt Knight joined the Royal Engineers in 2002, deployed to Iraq in 2005 and Afghanistan in 2008, where served as a mentor for the Afghan National Army (ANA) who provided engineer support during patrols. During this tour he was awarded a Mention in Dispatches for his bravery in assisting in the rescue of an injured ANA soldier. SSgt Knight was then posted to 57 Training Squadron, 3 Royal School of Military Engineering as a Combat Engineer instructor for two years.  In September 2014, he was then posted to 523 Specialist Team Royal Engineers, 62 Works Group. Within seven days he was deployed to Sierra Leone in support of the Ebola crisis. He was the lead electrical engineer for the design and construction of two treatment centres. SSgt Knight was deployed to the Broader Middle East in 2015 where he supported operations in 14 countries. In 2014, SSgt Knight achieved a Foundation degree in Electrical Engineering and he is currently undertaking a BEng (Hons) degree in Power Systems Engineering.


2015 Apprentice Award winner and finalists

Image of James Garnham







Winner - James Garnham ICTTech TMIET

James is an apprentice test engineer in the Solution Validation Services Centre of Excellence at Cisco Systems Ltd. He has a Higher Apprenticeship in Network Engineering and a Cisco Certificate Network Professional (CCNP) qualification. He engages with customers from all over the globe about network upgrades, enhancing hardware or software by testing each project from start to finish. James was instrumental in Cisco’s lab consolidation project, involved in the installation of EnergyWise IP power distribution units into the Cisco labs. Implementing this technology allowed Cisco Engineers to power off their test beds remotely and enabled power scheduling that automatically shuts down the test bed. This project delivered substantial savings in time, space and energy bills, contributing significant volumes of revenue to Cisco. He has shared his experiences at Career Fairs to encourage young people to consider careers in engineering and technology, especially in technological labs. He is currently working towards his ambition of becoming a Cisco Certificated Internetworking Expert (CCIE). 

Image of Jake Payne






Finalist - Jake Payne

Jake is an apprentice at UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE). He has a Level 3 HND with double Distinction* in Electronic Engineering. Jake’s final placement is with diagnostics where he has been assigned to the MAST-Upgrade project and he is currently leading the testing, building and installation of the tokomak diagnostics, based around a new diverter that is crucial for the next stage of development in the fusion research programme. Working with senior members of staff has resulted in Jake developing his team and management skills as well as his technical skills. Jake promotes apprenticeships in schools, colleges and regularly presents to large audiences raising awareness of STEM and apprenticeships. He participated in five Oxford County Council apprentice Launchpad events for Year 10 students and was also invited to present at the Royal Institution’s Engineering Masterclass Celebration Day. He led a team in the Cranfield University National Apprentice Competition to design a lunar maintenance vehicle, achieving second place.

Read an article on Jake in The Oxford Times

View an interview with Jake on That's Oxford TV

Read Jake's apprentice case study

Image of Jacob Wilshaw  






Finalist - Jacob Wilshaw EngTech TMIET

Jacob is an industrial engineering apprentice at Siemens in Congleton. He has a Level 4 HNC with Distinction in Manufacturing Engineering. At Siemens he has completed rotations throughout various engineering departments and is currently an integral member of the Industrial Engineering department. During a recent Siemens Junior Factory Business Improvement project he took the lead to prove the application of the newly introduced MTM-UAS standard time generation method, by developing a work method for standardisation and then compiled the production times. This most importantly increased the productivity by approximately 75% and added savings by £18,000. He promoted the apprenticeship programme to potential STEM students as a mentor of the “Siemens Roller Coaster Challenge”, a pioneering project aimed at local students aged 11 to 14. He was involved in the “Make It Enterprising Challenge”, a one day event in which secondary school students competed and he has travelled nationally promoting STEM. In 2014 Jacob won a Siemens National Gold Award for Business Innovation.

Read Jacob's (Jake) apprentice case study

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2015 Technician Award winner and finalists

Image of Sam Wicks  







Winner - Sam Wicks MIET

Sam completed a BEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Manchester in 2011. He is currently a Data Centre Design Engineer at Sudlows where he designs and builds resilient and efficient systems to support clients in multiple sectors. Sam has developed his own bespoke Computational Fluid Dynamics software analysis tool that has taken Sudlows Data Centre designs to the next level of accurate testing and modelling. He has recently been involved in the design, selection and testing of a complex mechanical cooling system for a major international communications company. The new data centre was required to be resilient and "self-heal" by detecting and isolating faults, whilst maintaining continuous cooling, without any interruption in the IT infrastructure housed within, including power, cooling and communication. Working in partnership with the Research and Design departments of Sudlow's supply chain partners, Sam's goal was to design an innovative bespoke cooling system. Sam succeeded in his goal of designing a world-class bespoke cooling system which self-heals.

Read an article about Sam's achievements on the "Voltimum UK" website "Manchester tech-engineer triumphs in top industry honors"

Image of James Maile  







Finalist - James Maile EngTech TMIET

James has a HNC in Mechanical Engineering and has completed a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship at Crown Packing. James is currently an Engineering Team Leader at PEME, supervising a team of 10 technicians at a paint production plant. James plays a vital role in linking PEME’s approach to maintenance engineering with the team he leads to carry out preventative, corrective and reactive activities. A key driver for James is the improvement of equipment reliability, which utilises his knowledge of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) principles to determine an appropriate preventative maintenance regime. This, coupled with his analytical approach to equipment failures, using Root Cause Analysis (RCA) techniques, is already delivering benefits at the manufacturing plant. He has generated a weekly preventative maintenance routine including inspections and lubrications, carried out corrective maintenance and captured breakdown data. James has used his initiative to deliver pragmatic, value-added systems which has resulted in a reduction of breakdowns, improvement in remedial tasks completion, increased production capacity and increased visibility of maintenance KPIs. 

Image of Roberto Weiser








Finalist - Roberto Weiser EngTech TMIET

Roberto received a first class BEng (Hons) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Plymouth in 2014 and is currently undertaking an MSc in Renewable Energies and Sustainability at the Universitat de Barcelona. Following his degree, he volunteered in Peru for three months with the Windaid Institute as part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team to build, install and maintain off-grid low power wind turbines for rural communities without access to the electrical grid. Roberto designed and developed a battery charge controller for the wind turbines system, using local materials and providing technical knowledge to the organisation and the local communities. He is currently with Smalle Technologies as a R&D Electronic Engineer, developing a generator to harvest energy from the motion of the sea. This involves designing a vertical mechatronic simulator to test the new model and a power electronics circuit to increase the efficiency of the energy extraction process. He was awarded third place at the International Students Energy Summit in Bali 2015 for the design of a renewable energy system for an island.

View a video interview with Sam Wicks

2015 Armed Forces Technician Award winner and finalists

Image of Sgt Craig Fulford





Winner - Sergeant (Sgt) Craig Fulford EngTech TMIET

Sgt Fulford is an electronics technician within the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, serving as a Medical and Dental technician based at 33 Vanguard Field Hospital. This involves keeping some 600 items of equipment maintained and ready to move anywhere across the globe with five days’ notice. He deployed to Kenya where he was awarded a Commanders commendation for his efforts in improving the medical logistics and dynamic availability of equipments. During the height of the Ebola crisis he deployed to Sierra Leone for four months as the sole technician responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the equipment within the Ebola treatment facility and the field hospital. Whilst on deployment he implemented an equipment database which was used on subsequent tours to ensure all 300 items of equipment were serviceable. His wide range of skills and experience were called upon to assist the Royal Fleet Auxiliary hospital ship deployed at the time. His experience ensured that life saving equipments were restored back to full capability.

Read why Sgt Fulford was proud to win the award on the "Salisbury Journal" website "Army technician scoops award for role in fight against Ebola"

Image of WO2 Matthew Chapman






Finalist - Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) Matthew Chapman

WO2 Chapman is an Artificer Quartermaster Sergeant in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and is currently a Ministry of Defence Engineering Failure Investigator based at Abbey Wood. He has seen active service in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, where his experiences of working under extreme conditions of heat, danger and scarce resources to safeguard the lives of soldiers by keeping critical equipment on the road honed his ability to carry out “in-house” manufacturing. He was then headhunted for a year’s secondment as a senior machinist on the manufacturing and assembly of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC). He has delivered some of the most innovative tooling to manufacture over 40 separate components for the vehicle that are safety critical with little or no margin for error. A challenging test of his skill and ingenuity was the manufacturing of Bloodhound SSC’s wheel spin test rig. He is active in promoting STEM in primary schools, graduate workshops and educational showcases for the Bloodhound SSC project.  

Image of Sgt Peter Snowball  






Finalist - Sergeant (Sgt) Peter Snowball

Sgt Snowball, a Royal Air Force (RAF) radar technician at 8 Squadron, RAF Waddington maintains the complex Sentry (E-3D) mission radar system. He is responsible for safely maintaining the mission system of the E-3D whilst it flies, ensuring the aircraft remains capable of undertaking vital missions in support of operations in the UK and internationally. During a period of heavy tasking in support of NATO operations, Sgt Snowball led a team of RAF and industry personnel to solve a longstanding fault in one of the aircraft. Due to the complexity of the fault, there was no technical documentation to assist. Sgt Snowball consulted stakeholders and used his technical acumen, resolve and persistence to find the root cause. He succeeded in a task which had perplexed his peers and industry alike, ensuring a strategic multi-million pound key asset was returned to operational service. He has been awarded the General Service Medal for Operations in Iraq as well as the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

View a video interview with Sergeant Craig Fulford

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