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30 January 2019 | British Motor Museum, Gaydon, UK

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Virtual prototyping company OPTIS was one of 2018's exhibitors

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The Applied Visualisation event is the place to be if you wish to meet and engage with individuals who utilise VR/AR technology within their company role on a daily basis. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your brand awareness and demonstrate your thought leadership. Attendees from the previous two forums seek out use case applications that they can use and will want to see how they could apply it within their role and company. This is critical and we advise you to demonstrate this on the day of the event.

To exhibit at the event please register via the registration button above. The cost to exhibit is £75 + VAT and you will receive the following:

  • 3 x passes for your organisation to attend the event
  • 2.5m x 2.5m exhibition space*
  • A power supply**
  • Food and drink is also provided during the day

*- If you require more than this allocations of space please contact us via sep@theiet.org

**If you require a specific type of power supple apart from the standard 240v