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30 January 2019 | British Motor Museum, Gaydon, UK

What is Applied Visualisation?

Applied Visualisation is the catch-all term used to describe an array of visualisation techniques applied in an industrial setting. The term incorporates all display mediums including mobile, wearable and projected technologies, and covers a range of use cases including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and data dashboarding.

Industrial environments are becoming ever richer in data, thus presenting challenges to the operators tasked with extracting knowledge (and value) from enterprise-grade applications. As part of a suite of technologies, applied visualisation techniques, when harnessed with enterprise IoT and informatics, can provide the operator with a more intuitive method for Human Machine Interfacing (HMI).


Applied Visualisation and the IET

Since 2016, the IET has been examining the opportunities for Applied Visualisation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality through its volunteer-led working group that operates across industry sectors. This group was set up to support users exploring the benefits of applying advanced visualisation to a particular industrial domain across sectors.

The group encourages discussion on hardware and software advances and application in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Data Capture and Visualisation, and was also responsible for organising the 2017 and 2018 Applied Visualisation Forum events.