EUROEM 2016 (image)

11 – 14 July 2016 | Imperial College London, UK

Plenary session


Wednesday 13 July 2016 | 09:00 – 13:00


The EUROEM Plenary Session provides an insight into the present status of developments in High Power Electromagnetics from world leading specialists in their geographical region.

The session will be very useful to those seeking an overview of key topics of interest to the HPEM community.

Topics covered in the talks include:


  • Technology specific issues
    Developments of Non Linear Transmission Lines (NLTL’s) for HPEM Applications. NLTL’s have been shown to provide very useful levels of Pulsed High Power Radio Frequency energy. The application opportunities for this technology have yet to be fully explored.
    Prof Nigel Seddon, MBDA UK will review the technology and describe the latest developments in the field.


  • Systems issues
    History of High-Power Electromagnetics (HPEM) with Illustrative Examples of HPEM Systems; Dr DV Giri, Pro-Tech, USA will present the system view based on his many years of experience in the field. Often the system as a whole is not considered holistically.
    This can lead to a situation where a particular source technology may advance to a greater maturity than the overall system architecture allows.
    Dr Frank Sabath, Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and NBC-Protection (WIS) Germany, will discuss the ‘smoking gun’ problem of identifying criminal activity that involves the use of IEMI.


  • Application specific issues
    Heuristic approach to evaluate the occurrence of IEMI sources in criminal activities. Prof Jayanti Venkataraman, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA will discuss Electromagnetics in Emerging Medical Technologies.
    With the rapid advances in the electronic and digital technologies, some very interesting electromagnetic biomedical applications are being pursued by several researchers. These applications will be described.

    Dr Richard Hoad, QinetiQ, UK will discuss recent developments in HPEM, environment definition, and protection standards which are now being applied to Critical National Infrastructure facilities worldwide.


  • Country specific issues
    Prof Xie of Xi’an University will provide an overview of the ground breaking research HPEM activities in China and Markus Nyffeler, Armasuisse Science and Technology will describe the work in Switzerland over the last 50 years, principally on HPEM protection of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).


Special sessions

This year EUROEM 2016 includes three special sessions on niche topics of interest.

View the special sessions page for further details.

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