EUROEM 2016 (image)

11 – 14 July 2016 | Imperial College London, UK

Special sessions


This year EUROEM 2016 includes three special sessions streams on select topics of interest:


Aircraft EM certification developments

Tuesday 12 July at 11:30

Modern fly-by-wire aircraft are highly reliant on electronics to maintain their safety of flight. The on-board announcements for passengers to use ‘flight safe’ mode is very familiar to us all.

It is necessary to develop the test and evaluation techniques which provide assurance that the safety critical electronics on board the aircraft is not compromised by the ever more hostile Electromagnetic environment.

This session introduces several papers from leading proponents in the field describing advancements in aircraft electromagnetics test and evaluation techniques.

The session collects technical papers from engineers and scientists representing AR Europe Ltd, Pulse Power and Measurement Ltd, QinetiQ and PLA University of Science and Technology China, and SAAB Aeronautics.


Cyber electromagnetics

Tuesday 12 July at 15:10

The world of cyber threats is well known and well publicised. Traditional cyber exploits make use of malicious code which must be transmitted to and downloaded onto victim computer systems.

However, the Ethernet and Internet connections are not the only ways in which computer systems can be exploited. Computer systems also produce electromagnetic emanations and are susceptible to electromagnetic signals.

An exploit using these routes may mean that non-connected computer systems can be compromised.

French and British scientists will explore the new research findings for combating cyber threats and vulnerability of non-connected computer systems to electromagnetic signals.


Transformative electromagnetic materials and structures

Thursday 14 July at 13:50

Following on from our Keynote speaker Prof Sir John Pendry we have also added a special session on Transformative Electromagnetic Materials and Structures.

The session will describe advances in metamaterial and transformative material production techniques, through applications in High Power Electromagnetics. The session collects technical papers from engineers and scientists representing UK, USA and Pakistan.

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