Robotics in extreme environments (image)

7 October 2015 | University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

About the seminar


Working in extreme environments poses difficult technological challenges that can be overcome with the application of robotics. Advanced robotic projects are being deployed in areas such as nuclear, subsea, disaster response and space that are leading this field.

By attending this seminar, delegates will have the opportunity to learn from world class leading research projects and real working solutions to understand the steps they need to take to ensure that technology being developing to operate in extreme environments is reliable and efficient.

Delegates will leave the seminar with an insight into lessons learned from many sectors, solutions in place and an update of developing technologies. 

Although the seminar is focused on ‘extreme’ environments, those working in the wider field of robotics will be able to learn from the technologies presented and transfer to other robotic applications.


Benefits of attending

  • Learn from real working robotic solutions developed to operate in extreme environments across nuclear, subsea and space
  • Understand the challenges of designing robots that are capable of exploring radioactive areas
  • Discover techniques being used to conduct teleoperation within nuclear decommissioning
  • Consider how to combine autonomy with human control
  • Learn how smart software technology can be used to make autonomous operations more efficient and consistent
  • Recognise materials that can withstand a range of demanding environments from high temperatures and pressures to radiation
  • The benefits of robotic applications being able to adapt to a change in circumstances, perform new tasks, or recover from damage
  • How to design groups of robots to operate without relying on external infrastructure or centralised control
  • Discover how the wider robotics industry could adopt techniques used in the extreme environments for their robotics applications


Who should attend?

The event will bring together people interested in robotic applications for dangerous and hazardous environments including robotics researchers, developers, engineers, scientists and industry representatives such as:

  • Head of Research and Technology
  • Head of Engineering
  • Academic researchers
  • Technical Directors
  • Remote Handling Engineer
  • Autonomous System Technologists
  • Control Engineers
  • Robotic Engineers and Technologists
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Systems Scientists