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Some of our greatest challenges may already have an answer

In March 2018, a British agri-tech start-up became the latest winner of the prestigious Horizontal Innovation Award from the IET and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC), which will enable the company to develop ‘Harry’, its new drilling and planting robot.


Based in Shropshire, the Small Robot Company (latest winner of the prestigious Horizontal Innovation Award) harnesses the power and precision of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to improve the way that food is produced through its future fleet of farming robots - Tom, Dick and Harry. With its £50,000 funded research prize, Small Robot Company will now look to bring Harry from concept to in-field prototype.


To find out how the funding will be put to use in more detail, and to see how it will help the company deliver on its dream to 'feed the world' and provide an effective alternative to traditional heavy farming machinery, the IET went to meet the people behind this small business with big plans.


Filmed partly on location at Meon Springs in the South Downs and at the company’s workshop in Portsmouth, our mini-documentary features interviews with Sam Watson Jones, Ben Scott-Robinson and Joe Allnutt from Small Robot Company, along with Redland Sanders from the HVMC’s Manufacturing Technology Centre.


The short film explores some of the problems that the company is seeking to address and how its robots will offer a solution, and gives viewers a look inside its first prototype.


3p (image)

Applying a pressure-release valve to help solve urinary tract infection.


Technology behind squeezy sauce bottles has been repurposed to cut infection rates in UK hospitals.


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F1 Aerodynamics Reduces Supermarket Energy Consumption.


Case Study Video 1 of 6- Williams Advanced Engineering uses F1 derived technology to develop energy efficient performance in multiple sectors.



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Neonatal Transport Team creates safer journey for premature babies.


Case Study Video 2 of 6-Effects of transferring critically ill babies between hospitals were investigated using innovative Race Technology equipment.



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Printer (image)

Motorsport Technology Meets Inkjet Printers.


Case Study Video 3 of 6- KW Special Projects worked to build a lightweight composite structure for the industrial inkjet sector, reducing the size and structure of the printer by utilising their knowledge from the motorsport industry.



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Materials innovation leads to ground-breaking aircraft.


Case Study Video 4 of 6 - The Airlander uses the latest technology and carbon composite materials to create a revolutionary surveillance aircraft with ground-breaking capabilities.



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Ricardo (image)

General Dynamics & Ricardo develop innovative military patrol vehicle.


Case Study Video 5 of 6- The Foxhound remains a powerful example of how innovative motorsport expertise can deliver cutting-edge solutions into parallel sectors.



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Prodrive (image)

Prodrive partners Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing.


Case Study Video 6 of 6- Prodrive was announced as a Technical Partner to Land Rover BAR, Britain’s entry for the 35th America’s Cup to help the team develop electrical, electronic and hydraulic control systems.



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