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Horizontal Innovation Nuclear Challenge


This scenario-based programme will look to explore the opportunity for Horizontal Innovation™ within Nuclear and the scope for cross-sectoral technology transfer and/or adaption of other industries into the Energy sector.

Horizontal Innovation™ is about addressing the barriers to sharing ideas and ensuring that more of our innovations are used where they are needed, and not just in the sector in which they are created.

To that end, we are interested in technology transfer solutions that address key challenges around Nuclear.


Potential areas for innovation include - but are not limited to:

  1. Automation and mechanisation
    1. In process monitoring/verification of manufacturing processes (joining and machining)
    2. Handling and size reduction of hazardous materials
    3. Work holding to aid automation and mechanisation
      i. Innovative jigs and fixtures
      ii. Component movement
  2. Assembly and fabrication
    a. Modular manufacturing and assembly
    b. Monitoring of assemblies and modules during manufacture and in-service
    1. Through life monitoring of distortion and corrosion (components and assemblies)
  3. c. Tracking and alignment of large assemblies
  4. Digital manufacturing for low volume production rates
    a. Enhanced workplace visualisation and digital work flow
    b. Virtual training (glove boxes)


We welcome innovations around these themes and others. In addition to the above, the challenge also looks to address enabling increased resource efficiency for low volume manufacturing of large metallic components and assemblies used in large and heavy industry.

The programme will look to develop a technology solution from concept through to market, supported by one of the key facilities of the HVMC.

It is stressed that SME applications must apply the use of wholly, or mostly pre-existing technology as the basis for their submission.

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The 2017 Horizontal Innovation™ SME Funding Programme is a joint initiative involving the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult. Terms and conditions apply.

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