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IET Fundraising

Create your legacy with Name a Seat and Foundation Wall in IET London:Savoy Place

“My late Father Frank Llewellyn Griffiths MIET would be very proud to know that he is a part of it”
- Dave Griffiths CEng MIET, Campaign Donor.


Take Your Place

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 Take Your Place

Man looking at IET Foundation Wall (photo)  

Help to inspire, inform and influence the next generation of engineers. Donate and take your place at the hub of engineering at the IET in Savoy Place.


Make a donation of £750 to the IET’s fundraising campaign and we will show our appreciation with an engraving of your name on a block on the Foundation Wall in IET London: Savoy Place, the historic home of IET members.

Make a donation of £1,500 and, in addition to a block on the Foundation Wall, we will thank you by engraving your name on the back of an auditorium seat in the Kelvin Lecture Theatre where it will be seen by members and visitors with a passion for engineering.


These funds are restricted. This means all donations will directly support our educational programmes with 5-19 year olds, Diamond Jubilee Scholarships and Engineering Horizons Bursaries. With your help, together we can continue working to engineer a better world, whilst supporting our mission to inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community.

IET Foundation Wall (photo)  

If you have any questions please take a look at our FAQ page.