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IET Present Around The World (PATW) Competition

A global competition for Young Professionals and Students within engineering to develop and showcase their presentation skills

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Entering the Online Heat

Express an interest by emailing or complete the online web form. You will receive a response from the PATW coordinator and be asked to complete an application form, you also need to express why you are unable to attend a physical PATW heat*. The PATW coordinator will check your eligibility and decide whether you can compete in the online heat. If successful you need to create your video**:

Video creation:

The format of your video entry is up to you. You may choose to get someone to film you presenting your presentation or you may want to use a screen capture tool to capture your slides, voiceover and webcam on a computer. Participants shall not edit their videos (e.g. adding music soundtracks, extra animation effects etc.) - the videos should reflect the participant's presentation style and any evidence of editing will result in disqualification. Videos will not be judged on the quality of video (resolution, editing etc.) but on the presentation skills of the presenter and the technical content of the presentation only.

Upload your video to YouTube and email your video URL to by the deadline date 17th May 2019.

Judging will then commence for a period of two weeks, and judges will have a different form to complete for the online heat.

A winner and a runner-up will be announced and the winner will receive £150 prize money and the runner-up £100 prize money.

The winner will go through to their closest regional final which they must attend in person. Please be reminded that you must give your same presentation to a live audience and judging panel, followed by a Q&A session.

*You are only eligible to compete in the online heat if you do not live close enough to a Local Network who is holding a physical heat.

**If unsuccessful, the PATW coordinator will connect you with your closest PATW heat

Present Around The World: “I thought my location would stop me from competing”

When Nabeel moved to the USA, he wanted to participate in the IET’s presentation competition for students and young professionals, but couldn’t find a heat close to where he lived.

Nabeel Mehdi (photo)  

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