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IET Present Around The World (PATW) Competition

A global competition for Young Professionals and Students within engineering to develop and showcase their presentation skill

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About the PATW competition

The competition takes place throughout the world and starts at IET Local Network (LN) level. Winners of all the LN heats plus the winner of the online heat will progress to the next stage(s) of the competition.

All Local Networks (LNs) are encouraged to hold local heats of the Present Around The World (PATW) competition and to collaborate with other Networks in their region to hold country-wide (national or area) or regional finals.

Why should my LN host a PATW event?

As well as providing an informal and supportive environment in which competitors can develop their presentation and networking skills, the PATW competition provides a means through which young engineers and technologists can share knowledge and information. This allows them to learn about the latest advances within engineering and technology and to gain access to new ideas; information that could potentially influence - or even change the direction of - delegates’ future studies or careers.

The competition is also great for the institution itself, as it can attract non-members to the IET who may subsequently be encouraged to join and potentially get actively involved with the LN, Young Professionals’ Section Committee or Student Chapter.

Online Heat

In recognition of the fact that not all eligible participants live close to a Local Network holding a physical heat, there is an opportunity to enter the PATW competition by means of a video heat. One winner plus one runner-up will be chosen from those videos submitted, with the winner being invited to compete in their regional final.

The LN’s role in the PATW competition

LNs may organise preliminary rounds in universities, or for student groups in advance of the LN competition. The competition is open to students, recent graduates, apprentices and young professionals between 18-30 years of age.
The winner and runner-up* of each LN competition receive cash prizes of £150 and £100 (or local equivalent) respectively. The winner of an LN competition will also receive an automatic place in either a national (area) or regional final.
Note: If a region has over 8 competitors, the region may organise an area competition. The winner from the area competition would then receive a place in the regional competition.

The regional finals will be taking place in United Kingdom (UK), the Americas, Asia Pacific, South Asia and the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions.
The winners of the five regional finals will then receive automatic entry to the global final and the opportunity to win £1,000.
Note: If you are planning to send the winner of your event to a national (area) or regional final being held elsewhere, then you will need to include the travel and accommodation expenses in your budget. Contact your Community Relationship Manager for further assistance.


Planning the event

 Material available to Local Networks includes:


Organisers can also request an information pack by contacting us

PATW Social Media

Why not add details of your upcoming PATW competition to our Young Professionals facebook page. Once the competition has been held you may also post any images taken of the event to the page and if you want to you can tell "others" of your experiences of holding the PATW competition.

After the event

The PATW Competition Details Form should be sent to within a week of the heat. Please ensure you include the following details for both the winner and runner-up (if more than three competitors):

  • Name and date of birth/age
  • Email address
  • Presentation title
  • IET membership number (if applicable and known)

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