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Advice to future scholars from past alumni scholars

One of our ex Rolls-Royce Power Academy scholars talks to the Daily Telegraph about the importance and excitement of Electrical Engineering today.  Please read the article here.

"For those that are prospective, my main advice is to APPLY, so many of your university colleagues will be struggling to find graduate jobs in many different sectors but this is your route in and it is a very profitable one.

"For those who are new, my advice is to utilise this experience by requesting a variety of different placements in order to find where your engineering passion lies."

Jennifer Tilbury, Rolls-Royce


"Make the most of the summer placements by meeting as many people as possible and finding out what's going on around you."

Steven Wray, CCFE


"Definitely take the opportunity to join the Power Academy - it has opened up many opportunities for me, I met lots of people during my three placements that have underpinned my network and supported me - my original interviewer is still my career mentor to this day!

"Two months out of your summer may seem like a long time, but it is an enjoyable experience, invaluable for your career and you get to go back to university slightly less broke than when you left!"

David Adkins, National Grid


"Be proactive in finding opportunities.

"Yes, there is a responsibility on the company taking you on to develop you but you will get more out of the scholarship if you engage positively with the departments in which you work.

"Utilise your company mentor for support in anything from subject choices to long term career decisions. Just get involved!"

Andrew Allan, RWE


"The Power Academy is an excellent opportunity for any student and I would advise them to enthusiastically embrace every opportunity afforded by this excellent scholarship programme and associated work placements.

"The Power Academy provides a great career foundation for the professional engineer."

Neil Moneypenny, Western Power


"The power academy will unlock many doors for you but it is your responsibility to push these doors wide open and prove your skills. Don't be shy to question something that doesn't sound right, even if "it's always been done that way".

"Just because something has "always" been done a certain way, doesn't mean that it cannot be improved."

Christakis Schinis, Siemens


"An IET Power Academy sponsorship allows you to develop your technical and business skills and apply your degree to live and high profile projects early-on in your career.

"It is important that you demonstrate professional conduct at all times because you are starting to build up a network with your peers and colleagues that will be key as your career develops.

"I encourage you to ask the obvious questions because this is an opportunity to develop your understanding of the energy sector and help identify where your interests are."

Susan McDonald, Deloitte


"Use the Power Academy to really see the electricity industry from the inside. It really lets you see what you could achieve in a career and highlight's opportunities."

Steven Gough, Western Power


"Both in applying and in taking a placement you are trying to demonstrate who you are and what value you bring to a potential employer.

"Always be willing to push yourself, and don't be embarrassed to talk about the things you do or have done outside of university as that is only a small part of your life.

"Finally, don't be intimidated by the assessment centre, the first day or by the project you are given."

Jake Stephens, CCFE

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