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Application process and general information




Who can apply?

Students undertaking the relevant degree (see website) at either BEng or MEng level and are on course to achieve a 2nd class honours degree.

Apart from the final year, students in any other year of study are eligible to apply. If you are in your first year then your previous academic achievements will be taken into account.

What happens if I am successful in gaining a scholarship and my grades fall?

In order to be part of the Power Academy you have be on target to achieve a 2nd class honours degree.

If your performance drops below this level your situation will be discussed with your sponsoring company and your academic tutors to agree a way forward. This may involve not continuing with your scholarship.

Some of the larger businesses can offer placements in more than one activity eg distribution or generation. How would I express a preference when I apply?

When you apply you are only expressing an interest in up to three companies.

If the diversity of the company is important to you, then this should influence your choices. If you are successful in gaining sponsorship from the company, you should then discuss your activity preference with them directly.

If I am unsuccessful one year, can I apply again the next?

Yes, if you are unsuccessful, you can apply again the following year. Each application is considered on its own merits at the time of application. There are many current scholars who have been successful at their second attempt.

If I am invited for an assessment centre/interview and am unsuccessful, will I get feedback?

It is good practice for companies to give feedback following interview.

If the company that you attended interview with does not offer you feedback, you should ask for it to help you prepare for future interviews either with or outside of the Power Academy.

I got invited to attend for an interview by one of my choices but not by the others, why was that?

Each company that you have expressed an interest in receives details of your performance at the assessment centre together with your application form.

The individual companies are free to decide who to interview and the interview is company specific, i.e. they are not the same at each company.


General queries

When I update my CV can I include the name of the company who has sponsored me and the type of work that I have undertaken?

Yes of course you can.

One of the objectives of the Power Academy is to increase the number of power engineering graduates available and therefore by you undertaking your summer placements you are gaining skills that will be useful in the sector as a whole, and you are therefore in a very good position.

As part of my degree I am doing a year in industry, does the Power Academy accommodate this?

Some companies may be prepared to offer a year in industry and this is something you can discuss with the company.

How will I find out details of other scholars who have been sponsored by a company so that I can talk to them before I apply and/or commence my placement.

There are no reasons, subject to scholar agreement, why your company/university should not release the current scholar list so that you can make contact with your peers.



How can being a Power Academy scholar support and improve my university studies?

By being a Power Academy Scholar you are gaining hands-on experience in the industry you will hopefully be going to spend your career and therefore allows you to see many aspects before making a final decision.

It also allows you to put theory into practice and also, when you are back at university you can understand the practical implications of the discussion or lecture.

Some companies may offer you non-technical training to support your studies, e.g. presentation skills. Finally the networking opportunities that being a Power Academy scholar brings are enormous.

You will have a wider network within the scholar community, the resources of the company to help and support you through projects whilst back at university and the relationship with your mentor (as a minimum) to help you in any way that they can.



What will my role be during my summer placement and how will it benefit my university studies?

Each partner company will approach your placement differently. However they should explain to you your placement well in advance and any objectives that you need to achieve.

You should be provided with a mentor and also have formal reviews. One of the biggest benefits of working within a company which undertakes work that is relevant to your studies, is that it allows you to apply theory to practical applications and in many cases it influences your choice of options.

Which area will I be working in?

This will depend on the company that you are being sponsored by.

Before you commence your placements you should be contacted by your partner company to discuss this.

What kind of work would I be involved in?

The actual work will vary from company to company. However all work should take into account whether you are a first year scholar or returning scholar, the agreed objectives and most will try to accommodate your interests.

How do I find out about accommodation etc for my summer placement?

Your sponsoring company may help you find accommodation, e.g. provide accommodation guides etc.

It is your responsibility to find the exact accommodation so it is important that the company confirm your location to you as soon as possible.

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