Power in unity: A whole system approach (header image)

16 - 17 October 2013 | Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London, UK

Past presentations - Thursday 17 October 2013


Smart Metering

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Download the Smart Metering presentations (.zip)

Download .zip presentations (icon)

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Keynote address 1: Smart Metering - Smart metering implementation programme

Jacqui  Russell, Head of Consumer Engagement and Roll-out – SMIP, DECC

Data service provider: developing and operating systems linking smart meters and utilities

Rich Hampshire, Practice Lead, Smart Grids and Smart Enabled Energy Retail, CGI

Smart Energy Code

David Thorne, Chief Executive Officer, Gemserv

Communications service providers (CSPs) Perspective

Dr Mike Short CBE, Vice President, Telefonica Europe


Rosie McGlynn, Energy UK

Implementing standards - solving the technical issues

John Cowburn, Strategic Technology Manager, Bglobal Metering

Smart meter security in an uncertain world

Martyn Thomas, Director, Martyn Thomas Associates Limited, Vice President, Royal Academy of Engineering

Network operators – Supporting the need for smart meters and managing the roll-out challenge’

Brian Stratton, Head of Smart Metering Programme, UK Power Networks

Using industry data to facilitate the smart meter rollout

Stuart Lacey, Chief Executive,  Electralink

The supplier’s perspective - Meeting the challenges of the smart meter revolution

Stefan Leedham, Industry & Government Manager, EDF Energy

Smart-Meter-based load control that must be effected by the smart metering system

S D Wilson, EA Technology, UK

Whole system approach to future power operations comprising a majority of distributed generation

John V H Sanderson CEng, FIEE, Power Engineering Consultants Plc, UK


Power Quality

Download .zip presentations (icon)

Download the Power Quality presentations (.zip)

Download .zip presentations (icon)

Download the Power Quality papers (.zip)

Keynote address 2: Power quality - Power quality issues in future power systems

Dave Openshaw, Senior Advisor, Energy Networks Association

What is the real effect of poor power quality?

Steve Stott, CLASS Technology Engineer, Electricity North West, UK

The future whole energy system stability, reliability and security: WITH or WITHOUT fear of blackouts?

Catalina Spataru, Senior Researcher, UCL Energy Institute, UK

Power quality monitoring case study

Simon Hodgson, Technical Manager, Nortech Management Ltd

Distributed generation effects on voltage congestion

Franco Pizzutto, Sales Engineer Power Distribution,  Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, Germany

Economic impact of power quality disturbances on customers and utilities

Prof. Jovica V. Milanovic, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester

Harmonic disturbances

Dr. Zia Emin, Chief Power Systems Engineer, Power Networks Parsons Brinckerhoff

Controlling current congestion

Nick Butlin, Operations Director, KiWi Power, UK

Estimation of the limiting penetration of low carbon, connections through an assessment of LV harmonics

G E Williamson, Z Emin, Parsons Brinckerhoff, UK, I Povey, Electricity North West Limited, UK

Novel scheme for load shedding and identification of critical tie-lines in WAMS emergency control

Parvathi S, K. S Swarup, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Demand side management for industrial consumers

R Threlfall, D McNaught, B O’Neill, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, UK

Ancillary services provided by renewable energy sources

B. Olek, M. Wierzbowski, Lodz University of Technology, Poland


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